Ain’t No New – New Year’s Resolutions Here Yo

Boston Marathon - One of the reasons I bust my butt on the roadsJust to clarify – I do have some resolutions, they’re just not ‘new’. These resolutions have been rehashed from earlier years and I’d like to think of them as this year’s ‘goals’. See the bottom of this post for a complete list of 2012 Resolutions, which I’d rather call, “My 2012 To Do List”.

I had already thought of writing about these when I read RunShorts Resolution Post and realized her thoughts on New Years Resolutions were along the same lines as mine. Same old same old but these are the resolutions that I have aspired to do, been inspired to do but let myself get sidetracked from them for various reasons. Actually, when it comes to resolutions, I do not get sidetracked from them so much as I get lazy, mentally and physically. The only time in 2011 that I put any real effort into running goals was during workouts, where I would dig down and dig down, run hard and finish strong – at all costs. But it takes more than that and I suffered by not running enough, not cross training enough, not sleeping enough and again, eating too much. ‘Nuff said.

This year, among my running resolutions I have some personal ones as well. In order to stay a well-rounded person, I have to put some focus in other aspects of my life other than running and television. So without further adieu, I publicly share my 2012 To Do List. As I mentioned, I will think not of these as being resolutions, but more like things I need to, and will, get done.

Racing Goals:

  • 5k PB – Something close to the 19:00 range. I don’t fear this one but it will still need a strong effort and good timing. Especially if I hope to go under 19 minutes. Current PB is 19:42.
  • 10k PB – Something close to the 40:00 mark. Again, I know I can get there but with a good effort and catching the right weather, stars aligning I can go under 40. Current PB is 40:49.
  • Half Marathon PB. Under 1:30 so I can get qualify for the New York Marathon. This is the last year I can use this method to get in as the times drop for 2013 and beyond. Current PB is 1:31.
  • Marathon PB. No big sub 3:10 goal this year. After last year’s marathon letdown, I will be ecstatic to run a PB if only by a second. If I do this in April, in Boston, I will attempt a more ambitious goal for a fall marathon. Current Marathon PB 3:18

Training / Non-Racing Goals

  • Run (Finish) an Ultra, enjoy it, no time goal, either (or both) 50k in June, 56k trail in July. Current Marathon PB is 3:18
  • Cross Train More, strengthening, cardio on the bike, swimming etc.
  • Sleep more. This will benefit running and life in general.
  • More goals are hidden at the back of my mind but these are the main ones. the rest will appear throughout the year.

Non Race Goals

  • Draw, paint, photograph, create more. I miss this aspect of my life immensely and need to stop talking about it and start doing it. First steps, get supplies, set up a workspace, throw away all of our TVs!
  • Of course, as a follow-up to Create More – I must – Watch less TV
  • Smarten up and consume lessĀ  fried food, fast food, sugar and alcohol. No major life changes here, just less of each. A lot less of some of those items. Caffeine remains of my ok list.
  • Volunteer for events when I can.

So there you have it, my ‘goals’ for 2012. Resolutions is a fine word, but I like goals. Goal setting has worked for me in the past.

Feel free to comment, or share your goals and resolutions here!


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Crazy mad runner, wanting to be fitter and faster but too busy to do it right. Still, I keep trying.

  • Juliemeltzer

    Smarten up and consume less fried food, fast food, sugar and alcohol… help you out I will not ask you and the Mrs. to go out after Wednesday night runs. And if brunch is on the agenda for Sunday, it will be at our house (or yours). No Green Eggplant/Beacher Cafe/Sunset Grill/Beachside Grill/Mars from January to April. How does that sound?


  • Dave E

    Sounds good, except for the fact I like the social aspects of running. We just need to order wisely and perhaps share some meals instead of scarfing down the massive portions most of our regular haunts serve up! That, and pass on the pints.

    BTW – You know Hotass didn’t drink at all over the holidays?

  • Juliemeltzer

    Alright I will hold you to that. And if I see a glass of beer or wine near your lips I will smack it out of your hand! How’s that for support?

    I knew Geoff was “in training” but I didn’t realize he’s gone crazy. Nothing on NYE??? Wow. If I had a time machine I wouldn’t have either :(

  • Dave E

    Ahhh, I never said no wine ever – just, well, less. Red wine is good for you, rich with anti-oxidants and enhances endurance. Just no more than a glass or 2 per week :)

    BVUT, for beer consumption, sure, you can smack me. As for Hard Alcohol, you know I never drink anyway but feel free to smack me there as well.