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*** UPDATE – I will be blogging specifically for Theresa Albert on her site, not here, but I will intertwine the 2 and will be sure to post here a link to her site each time there are updates. ***

Last November, I heard of an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Theresa Albert announced the upcoming launch of her new book and accompanying website Ace Your Health “52 Ways to Stack Your Deck”. To support the book and website –, she was asking for bloggers who were willing to follow her year long foray into healthy living and write about it.

The requirements: 1 Blog Post per week based on the 52 health tips and tasks in the book. Follow the book and complete all of the tasks and make all of the recipes, try all of the new foods and habits and write a blog post for the Ace Your Heath website telling how we fair, whether the recipes and changes work for us, and how we react to the changes.

Long story short, I was one of the bloggers she chose. Some may say I was not a prime candidate, meaning, I am a marathon runner, former way out of shape dude who became fit. Yes, for the most part that is true, but that does not mean I am the picture of health. I easily regress due to bad habits, especially when my weekly mileage drops. I also want to be better marathoner and one way to do that is to become a better eater, not just in quantities, but also in quality. I trust that Theresa’s new book is a great step for me and it is going to take discipline on my part, and my wife’s to get ourselves on track to becoming totally healthy and well rounded. The year long method of doing this gradually really appeals to us and we are really looking forward to it.

It is all part of our New Year’s Resolutions. Just not a huge lifestyle change, more so the next chapter in the book of our goal for feeling good, looking good and adding life to our days, not just days to our lives.

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Crazy mad runner, wanting to be fitter and faster but too busy to do it right. Still, I keep trying.

  • James

    Good stuff. I’ve given up pop as of the beginning of the year and I’m trying to eat better overall as well.

    It’s funny – a lot of people around me think I can eat anything I want because I’m a runner. Obviously it’s not true – diet has a huge impact on overall health and making poor food choices can’t simply be zeroed out with some running. The last thing I want is to be a marathoner with clogged arteries.

    Good luck. Can’t wait to hear about your year-long journey and hopefully learn from it.

  • Jeremy

    Ya…if anything, running’s a great free pass to not eat healthy without it showing so much on the outside. Look forward to reading about your experiment and seeing the outcome in your race results!

  • Beaches Runner

    Ahh, pop. Yes, that is an old habit we beat. Occasionally, very rarely, a diet coke at lunch, but we’re talking once a month. Now, water, coffee and Gatorade G2 during hot or long runs is all the liquids we’re consuming. “Don’t drink your calories” is my mantra.

    Ok, I am human, beer and wine occasionally make occasional appearances too, although this year, we’re trying to limit the frequency of nights where we consume more than 1-2 glasses. Not cut out…limit :)

  • Beaches Runner

    Thanks Jer, I am hoping to make a difference this year without having to do too many 100+ km weeks!

  • Rob

    I just threw out my pizza…I’m in