AccountabilityAccountability: I like to occasionally put some bold statements out there so people know about it and then I have to keep my word or I hear about it. I have done this before , and I am doing it again. I want to race faster and there are many components that make up a good race. Solid training, lot’s of running, hills, long runs, speedwork, core strength and of course, an optimum weight.

Well, I have no problems getting out for my runs but I do tend to slack in the strengthening and eating departments. I want to get my weight down and strength up. It really will pay off come next marathon time, which is April 19 in Boston.

I wrote a post on the food part yesterday over on the Ace Your Health blog on

Check it out

I will report back here at least once a  week to review my progress. Please bug me about this, urge me to be good and kick my butt if you see me in person and I am not eating well!


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Crazy mad runner, wanting to be fitter and faster but too busy to do it right. Still, I keep trying.

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