My Own Duel In The Sun

The Heat was onBy now, most of the world is aware that The 2012 Boston Marathon was one for the record books. Highs of 30+ degrees Celsius its toll on all of us that day. My training companions and I dreaded the forecasts the week prior and in the end, we threw our goals out the window and ran smart. On race day the plan was to run for the experience and a not make it a day of personal bests. Except,  Nir, the strongest hot day runner I know, who was close to his PB with a very impressive 3:16! I am glad Nir survived to tell the tale because lord knows, had I tried to tough it out like that, I may have crossed the finish line, but it would have been in a golf cart like I saw several dudes…with a respirator attached…or worse. Read more of this post


Welcome To Hopkinton Have A Nice Race

4 days away. Boston looms. It is controlling me, occupying a great deal of head space and invading my sleep. Before we know it, the weekend will be long over and I will be mourning the disappointment of not performing as well as expected, or riding the high after a stellar performance. Hopefully, the latter! Read more of this post


My Running Streak – Project 370

Project 370 began at the end of December last year. It is my goal to ‘Streak’ for one year.

So with the few days from 2011 when I started the streak, plus all of 2012 and finishing off with our traditional New years Day race at the Beach, it all adds up to 370!

Will I take a break after that?

You can read all about it, and follow along with my weekly updates on Project 370 Journal.

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