6 races in 6 weeks

Niagara Ultra Marathon, Half and 120k startIt’s no real feat to knock off 6 races in 6 weeks so I won’t go on too long on about them. They’re all just a part of my Fall Marathon preparation. I have been doing them as training runs, no rest preparation etc, just throwing them into the mix as Tempo runs. I did 4 x 10km road races and last weekend tackled a 28km trail race as a long run. That race was one that requires a bit more discussion as they is just so many interesting things about it that although it wasn’t a planned goal race, it sure felt like it by the time I was done. Read more of this post


HEAL Nutrition

Image courtesy healnutrition.com

Having instructed or co-instructed many clinics at the Running Room, I have had the opportunity to see several nutritionists tell their tale of right and wrong. There are many ways to look at nutrition when it comes to training to do your best. Tara Postnikoff of HEAL Nutrition (Healthy Eating Active Living) is sometimes seen as a tough cookie. But Tara tells it like it is. Eat as well as possible if you want to do your best. Slack off in any one area and you are not going to slim down, prepare for hard workouts, or recover from runs properly.

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Super Fantastic Quinoa Cakes

Are you nuts? Well, you are, if you don’t like these!

Quinoa Cakes

They’re a full well rounded meal in one cake. A great meal or snack, perfect to have on hand to consume after a workout on the go. They’re tasty cold but better hot, served with yogurt, citrus and green onion dip.

Anita made these last night and they were spectacular. Leftovers today, just as delicious!

The ingredients of spinach, plus some arugula that we added in as well make it a one item meal.
Try them, and let us know what you think!


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Watch out for loose pins – Garmin 610

This morning, I was running along, everything going well. Arms swinging gently, I felt my watch release and fly ahead of me.

The photo here is a close up of the watch still intact. You can see the pin, just sitting there, waiting to work it’s way out.

Scary. Sort of.
I have read about the new Garmins doing this. The pin just works it way loose and bam, the watch falls off. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate where the pin ended up so I had to make my way home, carrying my watch and frustrated that this would happen after only a few weeks. Read more of this post


New Category – Daily Spews

Quite often, I am holding thoughts in my head that I’d like to write about. Some may even interest you, some, maybe just me but I like to write about them anyway. I don’t post as often as I’d like to mainly because I leave it too late and lose interest in the topic, or I just plain don’t make the time for it. Sometime, I even wait until I have an image to go with the post and that puts the delay on things. Silly, I know.

This has led me to incorporate the idea of daily news, or Daily Spews in this case. Anyone can make a few minutes to share a thought, or a Tweet or a status update on Facebook, so I am going to try to channel that over to this site as this blog is a better forum for looking back on past posts and topics of conversation.

Hopefully as well, more frequent posting will lead to more frequent visits from you, the readers, knowing that there will be more reason to come back. And I would love to hear from you and your comments, thoughts etc in regards to fitness, running, cross training, anything!

See you back here…soon!


Skipping Long Runs During Marathon Training

Are there any benefits to skipping your long practice runs? - Are there any benefits to skipping your long practice runs? | ThinkstockFrom Monday’s Globe. Article number 2 in a 16 week series I am writing for the Globe and Mail, chronicling my training for the STWM on October 16.

Published Online Sunday, Jul. 03, 2011

Read the Full Article on the Globe and Mail Site. Feel free to comment here and / or on the Globe and Mail Site


Runners Version of The Fall Classic

Dave Emilio - A Runners DiaryThe Fall Classic is commonly known as the World Series of Baseball. Sure, it’s the most exciting time of the year for that sport, but for us runners, we look at the Fall as the perfect time of year to run a marathon. Generally, it’s cooler when the races are held, and as long as the Summer is not too hot, we get all of our runs in without too much interruptions such as Christmas, Easter, and … Snow! Bring on the Runner’s Fall Classic, for us, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Date: Sunday October 16th. Read more of this post