The Low Down On Boston Qualifying

The 115th Running of the Boston MarathonSince the world has been turned upside down (The Running World that is) I thought I would post a brief recap of what has changed. As much for myself as I am alsways forgetting exactly what’s different. So now I have a place to refer to. Hope it helps you too.

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Niagara Ultra 2011

Beaches RunnersAs much as I would have loved to run the 50k Ultra Marathon in Niagara again this year, I had to say no. Well, nobody made me say no, I didn’t have to, but I felt it was a good decision as I need more short distance speed training and less body breaking long runs. This is of course if I want to improve my marathon performances, in particular, this Fall at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM). So we opted for the 10k, and in the end, I ran it alongside Cam not wanting to pass up the opportunity to accompany him on his quest for a sub 50 minute 10k. Read more of this post


Ottawa Race Weekend 2011

The Ottawa CrewAnd so you have it, the final marathon of the Spring. That brings me up to 5 for the year and 24 total. This one was neither the easiest nor hardest but it was interesting. Interesting in that it was a tell tale sign that I need to reassess my running goals. By the time I crossed the line, again as a Pace Bunny for the Running Room, I felt relief, for two reasons… Read more of this post


New Look For Beaches Runner

New Site Design for Beaches RunnerIn lieu of a new blog post, I sat up late last night trialing some new themes and I liked this one. I altered a few things, spent some time Photoshopping a new header image and voila. I have a few of my own designs in mind but there’s no time to get to them. For now, you get this one.

Photos in the header are all from a beach run morning in Australia earlier this year.

Enjoy. Now, maybe tonight I will write again :)

~ D


New Watch – Garmin 610


It was time for a new watch. Yes, the old Garmin 305 is still functioning, but it is showing signs of no-life and I want to be ready. And yes, I like to be the first on the block with new toys. After my brief stint with the Nike+ GPS Watch, which I adored the look of, and feel, but not the characteristics – and wrote about – I waited patiently for the release of this newer Garmin model and jumped on it, in time before my Clinic Instructor discount ran out. So the $399 price tag was a more manageable $320. Still a hefty price tag I know and I owe my better half some extra chores this summer for sure. Read more of this post


Toronto Goodlife Marathon

Well, uh, it was a rainy day …

Dave The Bunny. Pacing Duties #4The Toronto Goodlife Marathon, my 24th, was actually a few weeks ago but my blogging delinquency has been criminal, so here we are now – catching up.

After running Boston, followed two weeks later by the Sporting Life 10k where I ran a personal best 40:49 I had 2 weeks to get ready for the Goodlife Marathon where I’d be running my 4th official Pace Bunny Race. This time at 3:40. The getting ready part consisted of some maintenance running and some resting. Read more of this post