Offspring – Cross Country Cam

Cam, 1st place in the XC Regionals

Cross Country regionals. 2nd race in a 3 race series. Read more of this post


Moving on – No NYC Marathon this year

We’re sorry, dave emilio

You have not been selected.

Lotteries suck. Oh well, maybe next year.


I Beg Your Pardum – Boston 2011 Pt3

boston-marathon-celebration-jacket 2011The final word on Boston 2011 is wow. Yes, year 2 for me was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to do it again. Next year, we are talking about going to London to run the marathon which is on the same weekend so my return to Boston may have to wait until 2013.

No problem, that will actually give me time to qualify in a new age group, where I will still need to run 3h 25m (or faster to ensure entry) but if my training goes as planned I will be well under that mark when the time comes. Read more of this post


I Beg Your Pardum – Boston 2011 Pt2

Did you read Pt 1 yet?

Boston Marathon - Mile 25I want a ‘do-over’!

OK, before you all get up in my grill about how I should be happy I ran well in Boston, please keep reading and let me have my whine. Then it will be over and we can move on.

So, I have a bit of a obsessive-compulsive way to prepare for a marathon which is why travelling to one makes it difficult, and travelling with a group makes it even more so. Read more of this post


I Beg Your Pardum – Boston 2011 Pt1

I have Marathon Post Pardum Depression. Just slightly, but it’s there. I’ll get over it. It’s actually a good thing because it makes me look forward to the next one.

The Boston marathon is an awesome race. There is no if and or buts about that. Great city, great people, great event. A pure joy to be a part of. Couple that with travelling with loved ones and great friends and you have the recipe for a stupendous weekend. Which it was. Read more of this post


Boston Apparel

Boston Marathon Race ShirtWhat to pack? Well that’s a great debate. But one thing for sure, is this singlet, I have had custom made for myself and a friend specifically for The Boston Marathon.

It looks fast, don’t ya think?


Ed Whitlock – World Record Set for 80+

This man is extreme. Endurance is Ed. Ed is Canadian (London born)

While I procrastinate sitting in one place long enough to write a new blog post, I will share this link, so you can read about Ed’s recent achievement in Rotterdam. Read more of this post


Some runs just work out in your favour

Running on the Leslie SpitSaturday night, our little ‘pick up – retro music band’ played an impromptu gig in Oshawa. Honestly, it was actually a planned show, but we considered impromptu because we didn’t promote it really. We are under rehearsed and felt compelled to NOT drag people out that far to see us hack our way through Read more of this post


Beaches Spring Sprint 5k – 2011

I decided to pace 10 yr old Cam. Well, not exactly decided, it just happened. We started together, I felt good so I decided to race it. Cam was still with me after a couple of minutes and I felt he may be going too fast so I said to stick with me and slowed down a bit. He ran well and steady at a pace we were shooting for which would be sub 21 min. He ended up with 20:44 – a PR by 45 seconds and 1st in the 12 and under Age Group.

For me, at that pace, after a good warmup, ended up being a nice 5k tempo run day. There will be plenty more chances at 5k later this year so I was happy with the day on the whole.

Another highlight of the day was daughter Sarah running a 19:15 to finish 3rd woman overall and 2nd in her age group (18 and under I think). She is set to break 19 minutes in Boston.

And Anita, who is still plagued by a nagging hip injury, actually felt good and nearly beat her best time for 5k. She will soon I know it!