Overcoming Adversity

parking ticketI have made a breakthrough.

Over the past few years, I have suffered royally when the eve of race day did not go as planned. Which it rarely does.

Last Saturday was full on as it usually is around BR Headquarters Read more of this post


Race Routes Are Not Too Long

A Brief Tangent by Eat Drink Run

tangents - by Eat Drink RunAs I have been lazy, busy and all in between lately, I am going to let someone else tell you exactly how I feel. Since Eat-Drink-Run’s Blog post on Running Tangents is so close to what I’d like to say, and written more eloquently than I probably would, I will point you in that direction. While you are there, check out some of her previous posts, and awesome MS Paint-ings.

Visit Eat Drink Run – A Brief tangent


And Around The Bay We Go

2011 Around The Bay 30k Road Race

The coveted Silver Medal - awarded to sub 2:15 timesOne of the most coveted races, and most talked about, in Ontario is Hamilton’s ‘Around The Bay 30k Road Race’. For those of you who have run it, you know why. It seems no matter what the weather, rain or shine, hot (rare) or cold, people get something out of it and look forward to it year after year. Read more of this post


It’s Not Just About The Chilli

2011 Chilly Half Marathon

It is a late report but as I have been busy, preoccupied or lazy, it is time to tell the tale.
The Chilly Half is a very popular event due mostly to the fact it is the only decent race of 21.1k or more at that time of year. The details like race entry and lousy shirts (as far as sizing goes anyway) are usually ignored and people who say they are going to take a pass on it, usually run it anyway. Like me. Read more of this post


26.2 Days Until The Boston Marathon

Welcome to Jamaica, Have a Nice day

Well, actually, that was yesterday but it’s a neat thought and I am revisiting it today.

Am I ready? Well I was, I really was on track but Jamaica beckoned and we went. Vacationing in the Caribbean, at an all inclusive resort is a wonderful thing. Read more of this post


Australia 2011 – Photos

Shoes off - Couran Cove BeachMy recent trip Australia, for work. Fortunately we had a couple of free days too. I will write a full blog post shortly.

This was a good trip, as far as work conferences go anyway. We had some free time and…
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