Let’s Dwell on Boston Shall We?

It’s the end of an era? Maybe. It will definitely be tough to re qualify for me and my running mates. Not impossible, but harder. Perhaps the challenge is what we need to step it up to the next level. Why do we need to? Because a ‘semi-unachievable’ goal is a great motivator. Why do we need to achieve this goal? Read more of this post


Restaurants Revisited

Toronto Restaurants on GoogleThis post is not actually about revisiting another post about restaurants. It is about actually re-visiting restaurants that we usually go to, only trying to order more conscientiously than ever.

Read on, and be sure to check out ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ on my ‘Aces on the Run’ Blog

Trying to become a healthier person and a better runner requires a lot of focus on nutrition and proper food intake.
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Updates on Ace Your Health

Ace Your HealthHave you been Acing Your Health this year?

I have been (trying) and getting better.

It really is about small steps, nothing to overwhelming all at once.

For the record the tale of the tape on me this year is… Read more of this post


Hill Training Returns with a non-bang!

It's all uphill from hereI usually like hills, hill training, and stairs. It’s not a real love, like, the way you love ice cream or your children (sometimes) but more of a ‘love the burn’ kind of thing. The benefits of hill training are so good that I usually just do it knowing how rewarding it is in the long run. Today, my mind lost the battle. Read more of this post