AccountabilityAccountability: I like to occasionally put some bold statements out there so people know about it and then I have to keep my word or I hear about it. I have done this before , and I am doing it again. I want to race faster and there are many components that make up a good race. Solid training, lot’s of running, hills, long runs, speedwork, core strength and of course, an optimum weight. Read more of this post



It’s usually tough to keep me from running for 5 days in a row…but…the combination of post marathon recovery, the flu, Cam’s out of town hockey tournament and the extreme cold weather lately have all made it nearly impossible to get out there. This is probably a good thing. With a bit of a break, I am now well rested and ready to head into some serious weeks of training. 12 to be exact. Read more of this post


Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon 2011

Phoenix Marathon ExpoRunning, Travel, Friendship, Family. Four of my favourite things. What a great weekend it is when we can combine these together. This past weekend was no let down and I wish it lasted longer. We headed to Phoenix, well, Scottsdale actually, and spent the weekend reminiscing, running, eating, and lounging. And we ate a bit more too. The goal while there was also to run a marathon, and half marathon for my wife and our host. Read more of this post


TO, not the only city with marathon issues

Mumbai Marathon

The Mumbai Marathon organisers, rejected the suggestion that the existing route of the Marathon on was a problem with security and public inconvenience, on the ground that it was not only too late to change the route, but also “running along the new route would showcase weaker parts of Mumbai”.

Read More a la


New Favourite Running Tune

Whenever I am training hard, and looking for some sort of musical motivation, there are many tunes that come to mind. One previous favourite was Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco. Running to the beat of it yields a 4:30 pace with a medium stride length, perfect for marathon pace training. This song however, seems to actually make me run faster, not even necessarily to the beat of it. I just find myself running faster. Read more of this post


I Have All The Secrets

What I meant to say was I have a link to all the secrets.

Scientists have discovered that you can train your body to retain a fitness blueprint, which makes getting back into shape after a slump a whole lot easier

I’d love to know what you think about this article!


Davey’s Burrito Salad Bowl

daveys-burrito-bowlThis is one of my favourite lunches when I am trying to be reasonably good at work and out for lunch.

It is from Chipotle Mexican restaurant at Yonge and Dundas. Hold the rice, sour cream, partial cheese and no burrito shell /add extra veggies.


  • Grilled Chicken and OR Black Beans
  • Grilled Peppers and Onions – they give me extra when I say no rice
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa
  • Hot Tomatillo Salsa
  • Guacamole

$9.85 – Full of flavour, very filling and somewhat…er…cleansing.

I recommend it sênor!

Oh, and we usually order online then go pick it up. Saves time. Hence the ‘Davey’ on the bowl lid :)


Dark and Early Morning Runs

photo of an early morning runnerNow, with it being in the heart of winter, I am finally adjusting to the early mornings. The cold (and darkening mornings), seemed much worse back in November as is usually the case. By now,  I am able to flick on the tele, get an idea of the temperature and wind chill, and then dress accordingly. Then a light snack and head into the darkness. No problemo. At least it’s light by the time the generally hour long run is done. Read more of this post


Our Polar Bear Dip

On New Years Day, myself, the mrs, and about 15 members of the Beaches Runners Club ran a 9k race on the Beaches Boardwalk, in support of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club. Traditionally, after the run, many runners jump in the lake. This year, the 31st running of this event saw warm temps but cold rain. Nonetheless, a few of us went for the dip. Read more of this post


Ace Your Health

Image of Ace Your Health Book

*** UPDATE – I will be blogging specifically for Theresa Albert on her site, not here, but I will intertwine the 2 and will be sure to post here a link to her site each time there are updates. ***

Last November, I heard of an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Theresa Albert announced the upcoming launch of her new book and accompanying website Ace Your Health “52 Ways to Stack Your Deck”. To support the book and website –, she was asking for bloggers who were willing to follow her year long foray into healthy living and write about it. Read more of this post