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2011 Chilly Half Marathon

It is a late report but as I have been busy, preoccupied or lazy, it is time to tell the tale.
The Chilly Half is a very popular event due mostly to the fact it is the only decent race of 21.1k or more at that time of year. The details like race entry and lousy shirts (as far as sizing goes anyway) are usually ignored and people who say they are going to take a pass on it, usually run it anyway. Like me. Except as a Running Room instructor, we were offered free entry this year. So, I ran it as a training run.

We got there early enough to get about 10k in at an easy pace with plans to run the race at marathon race pace making it a true long training run. I felt great and friend Nir and I got 10.5 km at about a decent pace then headed to the start line. I was too hot in my running jacket so ran another few minutes trying to find someone to give it to before dumping upon the nice people at Foot Tools in Burlington’s cozy little downtown. Thanks guys!

So after dropping things off (as in my jacket, and a trip to the porta potty) I ended up back at the start well after the gun went off. 3 minutes and 10 seconds to be exact. That made for a tough start fighting through the crowd well behind the 2:30 pace bunny. I worked my way through around and slightly off course (don;t worry, longer, not shorter!) in order to get to open space, which was after 5k. At this pace, I was still pacing people right up to the finish which was actually quite motivating. I averaged 4:24 per km for the race and ended up with a chip time of 1:33:36. This time turned out to be my 2nd best half marathon time despite never feeling like I was putting in a full effort and even though I did the 11km beforehand. That was very  encouraging as far as Boston Marathon Training is concerned.

I followed up the race by heading back to meet Anita at the 18km marker and running in with her. That 6km ‘recovery’ put me at 38km for the day. No slouch run in anyone’s books and overall, I felt mentally and physically great.

The conditions were crappy, wet, slushy but the temperatures were nice. Very suitable for a race. Whether you treat the Chilly Half as a goal half marathon or a training run, it is enjoyable as it is a sign that winter is on it’s way out.


Next up in 3 days- Around the Bay 30k. The last tune up race, 3 weeks shy of Boston and we’ll see if my recent trip to Jamaica hurt me as much as I hope it didn’t!



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