2 Weeks Later – Another Delayed Boston Race Report

Boston 2015 - the fabled stickered bib

Boston 2015 – the fabled stickered bib

Boston 2015 was a smashing success. Not time-wise, but definitely fun-wise. The atmosphere during this 2 year anniversary of the tragic events of the 117th Boston Marathon seemed to be more settled and jovial. Sad memories do linger and the devastation will never truly be forgotten, but people are moving on, including some of the victims that have gone though enough rehabilitation to actually run this year’s marathon.

This was year 6 for us and I went it to it quite under trained and still battling some long-lngering butt issues so I had no expectatios for the race or to be fast, but was hoping some good weather and sheer determination would get me to a 3:23, the magic number in my estimation to earn my right to return. Well, neither the weather gods, nor my determintaion helped reach my ‘A’ goal this year. Cold, wet and windy conditions, combined with the lack of strength needed to navigate the hilly course running from Hopkinton AM, to Boston kept me at bay. Although slightly ahead of the pace needed at half way (1h 40m)  the hills of Newton opened up their jaws and swallowed me whole, spat me out at the top with the ambition to make up time on the remaining, mostly downhill, 6 miles. Ahh, no. By then I was a few minutes behind pace and left with nothing to make that back up. I accepted and ran to the glorious finish with a positive attitude. It’s still a great route full of awesome spectators and th egreatest finish to any race anywhere. Soak it in I did and medal number 6 was received with as big a smile as when I set a PB in 2013. I finish with a time of 3h 38m, which is certainly not a bad time, 30 mins slower than my best but given the cercumstances I am happy with that.

The friends of Danny cheering squad

The friends of Danny cheering squad. Part of what makes Natick the best town to run through!

My sights were immediate setting in on how and where I could get my qualifying time for next year. The answer ended up being Buffalo on May 24. I’ve been able to continue training and with a solid 3 weeks left, I am confident that if the stars even slightly align on the 24th, I’ll get that BQ and plans for year 7 will be in motion.


Danny and myself, reunited after a year.

Danny and myself, reunited after a year. A tradition is born!

So another year at the Boston Marathon and once again, it was as magical as the first. The electric feel of the city, the smiles on all of the runners faces, especially, but not limited to, the first timers. I hit up a Red Sox game this year which was fun, but it was in lieu of one of my favourite traditions – the day before scary movie date with my running friend JP (@runjprun) Bedard who skipped Boston this year to take care of his busy life, including a move to a new house. Next year JP!

It was nice to have some new friends join us this year but we missed some of the usual suspects as they visited the Queen instead and ran the London Marathon while there. Still, all in all, it was a full weekend of fun with Anita and Cam. I am already looking forward to next year, as a runner should Bfalo play out nicely, or a spectator, with my new friends in Natick. That’s another story which yo umay already know, but in case not, catch up here. “Canadian finds beer in Boston” and read my previous post about how it all started, from last year’s injury plagued race to this year’s uniting of obvious friends.

Some notes on this year’s trip

  • We drove again, first time since year 1 in 2010. It went well, I actually really enjoy the drive and the time spent with my wonderful family.
  • We stayed at the Marriot Custom House by Faneuil Hall – it was a great place with a kitchenette, near the awesome markets and waterfront. Not too far from the hot spot of Boston Common and the Marathon Finish Line.
  • Again, I did not buy a Celebration Jacket – the purple jacket with peach and white stripes was, in my eyes, hideous and only if it were my firt time there would I have bought one.
  • Anit avolunteered for the 5k which was a nice thing to do and be a part of the event. Cam and I ran the 5k, 20:30 and 22:40 respectively.

And finally, because this race is not about me, it’s about so many others, with great stories, triumphs and breakthroughs, so read this article if yo uhave not yet already done so.

6 of the most inspiring stories from the 2015 Boston Marathon

But the best story of all i s this one:

Runner who finished marathon 20 hours after start ‘did it for Boston’


Enjoy your runs, and enjoy your helpth my friends.



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