Hamilton Marathon – The Tale Of The Tape

hammerAfter a summer of more ‘relaxed’ training, where I hemmed and hawed about whether to skip a fall marathon and just run a few shorter races, I decided to give it a go after all. For more on my summer of relaxed training read this.

The best part about this race was how good I felt in the final few days before the race. I not only trained with far less mileage, max long runs of 30k, and far fewer speed-work sessions, I tapered with more vigor (less?) that usual. I was perhaps, even a bit stale. But it was nice to wake up on race day feeling really fresh. Read more of this post

Return To The Obsession

Well folks, I tried something new. I tried not to care too much about running. I stopped blogging, I stopped logging my runs and I ran all summer with no plan, no training regimen, and no balls.

That’s right. If I didn’t feel like running, I didn’t run. If I only felt like running easy on a hard day, I ran easy. If I felt like running hard, I ran hard. Only on the rare group runs, did I run harder (or easier) that I felt. And know what? I enjoyed the break. I enjoyed not always feeling beat up. I threw in some swimming, biking and a couple of Olympic distance triathlons (with a PB of 2:38:15). But there was something missing for a while, I missed the obsession. I missed the feeling like I was earning my way to a personal best marathon. I was devoid of the confidence that good workouts,  consistent training and a regulated routine of eating and sleeping well all give me. Mentally and physically, it was a good reset but now I feel it is time to move back into ‘Eye of the Tiger’ mode. Read more of this post

Boston and Toronto Marathons 2013

72865_10152744845070548_345528942_nThe events of Boston made my usual Race Reporting become less appealing to me, and I imagine others, as the importance of the events surrounding the Boston Bombings seemed far more relevant.Between the multitude of interviews I did about what transpired there, and how it affected me and the ones I was with, left me not wanting to write a blog post about it. At least not at the time. I was just so talked out about the whole ordeal. I ended up doing 1 national (CBC) radio interview, 3 National TV interviews (2 for the National, only one of which aired, and CBC Montreal), 3 print and online  interviews (National Post, Huffington Post, CBC online, Beach Metro News, and Globe and Mail) + I submitted my story to “The Shoes We Wore“. So I have said all I need to say about it. The Shoes we wore piece probably sums it up best.
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Boston 2013

The hay is in the barn!

The hay is in the barn!

Since I haven’t blogged in forever, I am feeling a little rusty. But not in the running department. I feel great and for the first time in a long time I am heading into the marathon weekend knowing I am ready.

The training cycle for Boston 2013 was a step up from last year with the addition of a coach. Hey, I never said I was an expert. I figured why not enlist someone who has progressed from where I am to a level I would like to be at. The schedule was fierce and relentless and having a coach checking up on me to ensure I was following the plan definitely helped. I stepped outside my comfort zone in a few areas that I usually don’t. Like running when tired for one. Sure, in the past I have put serious effort into the speed workouts but this time I persevered and ran many more miles. Some people may call them junk but we’ll see if they have in fact built endurance and the ability to fight hard right to the end of the race. Read more of this post

Movember 2012

With only a couple of days left, I thought I would break my no blogging streak and recap Movember so far.

I have been diligent with keeping my Mo-Space updated with some of my favourite and more famous Mo’s.

I did not (yet) reach my goal which was to beat last year’s fundraising of $3550.00. Not even close. Maybe the economy is down, or more Mo participants spreading out the funds across more people, or maybe I was less pesky! Anyway, I may hit $200 which is not too bad and should put me atop the Flight Centre Team.

To check out my Mo Space (and donate!) – click  here

Or just view my synopsis of my daily (almost) updates. If you were following along, i hope you enjoyed it. If you donated, know that I, and we, all, appreciate it! Thanks to all!

And here you go, my Mo’s of the day, in reverse order…
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No Fear Of The Dark

A short while ago I was privy to receive a kit from Energizer* that included a few treats to enjoy and review. It was in this post here, that I told you about one of 2 cool headlights I received and tested. I was impressed and looked forward to trying them out on some trails for real. The other headlight is not quite as powerful or feature rich, but is a fair bit lighter and less cumbersome without the external battery pack. Either one would be suitable for trail runner, night hiking, cycling etc.

The PRO 4 headlight is the other headlight I tried. So far, I have used it on one bike ride and it was quite bright and efficient. It fit over my helmet well and it is also comfortable worn straight on my head.



2 Light modes – night vision, spot
28 lumens

21 hours runtime

Pivoting headlight to point light where needed

Adjustable head strap

Push button switch

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Run For The Toad 50k Trail Race 2012

After a 5 week break from running, I got back out there and managed to get in 6 solid weeks of training. There was really no rush to get back to 1000% but I had been looking forward to ‘The Toad’ for the whole year and I also wanted a little redemption from my DNF at The Limberlost Challenge. So in that 6 week cycle, I got back  to 3 80k weeks and a few long-ish runs of 29, 36, 33 and went into race day far less fit than I would like to be, but confident that could get around the 12.5 k loop 4 times in about 5.5 hours. Read more of this post

I Am Ready To Be Energized

light headedAs I progressed through a recent bout of ‘Life Sucks because I can’t run’ I kind of got to thinking that when I do get back on the road, or trails, I would appreciate the ability to do so, as much as ever. I also vowed to continue to find different ways to make running & exercising, fresh and exciting. Longer trail races are definitely something I want to do more of. I am going to run The Run For the Toad 50k race at the end of September and next year, I plan to do more races like this. Read more of this post

Watch Where You’re going Mister!

Traffic Lights For a reasonThat title was directed at me. Well, it wasn’t spoken but implied in the eyes of a driver as I stepped in the way of her car.

Many times I have been quite angry with drivers going too fast, or failing to yield to pedestrians, but yesterday, I was the one at fault. And, it could have cost me big time.

I was on my way, in the early morning light, to meet up with my regular running buddies. As I approached an intersection en route, I glanced ahead and made note of the green light. However, I was still far enough away that the light had turned red for me and as I entered the intersection and when I looked back up, I realized I was running right in front of a car. I was completely blown away at my idiocy. I waved, apologetically to the driver whom was able to stop well enough in time because he had just got going from a stand still. Had he been approaching the intersection at the speed limit, or god forbid speeding, I may have met my maker.

Thankfully I was lucky and this incident reminded me to run always aware, and stay alert.

On The Hunt For Trails Part 1

Living, as a runner in Toronto is a pretty good thing. Especially for those that live anywhere near the Waterfront. Finding routes that are visually pleasing, challenging and relatively traffic free is not an issue. We are actually a bit spoiled as there are an abundance of pretty decent routes that take you through Toronto’s park-lands. These are multipurpose routes that host runners, walkers, cyclists roller-bladers and more. It is rare to traverse any of these routes and not come across other active souls, regardless of the time of day. The fact that you can get a good workout in without battling the hazards of traffic (collisions as well as the pollutants inhaled) is much appreciated by all that make use of these trails. Read more of this post